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Ulrike Schaede

Professor of Japanese Business; Director, Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology

Ulrike Schaede (ウリケ・シェーデ) is director of JFIT and professor of Japanese Business and head of the International Management Track at GPS. Schaede holds a Ph.D. in Japan Studies and Economics. As a Japan expert, her research interests are Japan’s corporate strategy, business organization and management, regulation, financial markets, HR practices and entrepreneurship. Before joining GPS in 1994, she held assistant professor positions in Germany, Hitotsubashi University and UC Berkeley. She is fluent in Japanese and has spent more than eight years of research and study in Japan, including as a visiting scholar at the research institutes of the Bank of Japan, METI, the Development Bank of Japan and the Ministry of Finance. Schaede writes a column published by Nikkei Business Online (Japanese).