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Kenta Nakamura


Advanced International Management Program (AIM)

AIM is a two-week, individualized full immersion program that enables corporate managers from Japan to upgrade and internationalize their management skills, and acquire new insights into the processes of open innovation management. As the global economy is undergoing a sea of changes, from trade wars to the digital transformation, effective managers need new global management skills: global negotiations, teleconferencing, and HR management to name a few, in order to initiate and manage global and open innovation assignments.  AIM also helps participants gain access to San Diego’s innovation ecosystem and develop their own professional network in Southern California.

Core program components:

  • Individualized exercises and tailored sessions
  • Develop global project management skills
  • Business soft skill training: How to be an effective global manager
  • Global HR management skills: how to manage a diversified global workforce in global value networks and supply chains
  • Networking and immersion in San Diego’s open innovation cluster
  • Innovation management: how to integrate open innovation ideas into the main company