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GPS encourages students to undertake an internship between their first and second year so they have an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills from their coursework into real work settings. Students often return from their internships invigorated, with a sharpened focus on what skills and experiences they need to cultivate their desired careers.

Although students are responsible for obtaining their own internships, GPS’s vast alumni network ensures special access to high-level internships and positions upon graduation. Students focused on the Japan regional track often obtain prestigious summer internships at organizations ranging from the private, public, nonprofit and research sectors, such as the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Nomura Real Estate and The Tokyo Foundation, to name a few.

Here is a sampling of recent Japan-focused internships:

  • Kyle Hurst, MIA ’21

    Kyle Hurst, MIA ’21

    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo

    “Interning for MRI has been a great experience that has allowed me to implement and build upon skills taught at GPS. I’ve improved my research and communication skills and learned about many different policy issues such as the economic impact of COVID-19 and various countries’ nuclear energy policy processes.”

  • Kyle Kissinger, MIA ’21

    Kyle Kissinger, MIA ’21

    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo

    "At MRI I have acquired a great deal of knowledge about Japanese politics, policy and research. Even online, I have met and learned from amazing people about Japan's culture, language and environment. This has been a truly insightful experience that I will carry with me to my future career plans.”

  • Lauren Garvey, MIA ’20

    Lauren Garvey, MIA ’20

    GR Japan, Tokyo

    “I was incredibly fortunate to intern at GR Japan, a government and policy consulting firm based in Tokyo – located right across from Japan’s Parliament building. There I collected background information on laws and regulations for our clients, who were often from Europe or the US and sought to establish their business in Japan or had other Japanese policy related requests. From this internship, I learned a lot about Japanese policymaking and laws and met several incredible, influential individuals.”

  • Ben Irvine, MIA ’19

    Ben Irvine, MIA ’19

    Mizuho Leasing, Tokyo

    “The Mizuho Leasing internship is a 1-year immersion program into Japan that allowed me to put all my GPS tools and skills into practice and understand first-hand what it means to work in a completely different corporate culture. I have learned a tremendous amount, both about Japan and the financial leasing business, and this exciting experience is a great addition to my working career and my CV.”

  • Ann Listerud, MIA ’16

    Ann Listerud, MIA ’16

    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Tokyo

    “At METI, I work with the Americas Division of the International Trade Bureau. In addition to introducing me to other departments to learn more about METI's policy influence, my division took me to see Japan's most technologically advanced coal power plant in Isogo-ku. This has been an unbelievable chance for a foreigner to learn about the Japanese government. I will take what I've learn and the connections I'm making onto my future endeavors as a Pacific-area expert.”