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The Japan Zoominar @ UC San Diego brings together new insights, knowledge and opinions on current events in Japan. Experts from around the globe are invited as speakers and contributors, with the goal to create a vibrant exchange and deepen our understanding of Japan’s role in the world.

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Japan-China Business Relations after the U.S. Election
Nov. 24, 2020 | Register
In spite of tumultuous history and a strained political situation, when it comes to business, Japan and China have so far been in a fairly symbiotic relationship: given their differences in resources, assets, market size, and stage of industrialization, both countries have something the other one dearly needs. But this relationship, too, is highly dynamic, and embedded in the shifting global business developments, including the U.S. decoupling policies. What kind of business ties will China and Japan forge going forward, will their dependencies be upheld even with a reduction in globalization of supply chains, and where do those developments leave the U.S. in Asia? Join political scientists Hiroki Takeuchi (Southern Methodist University) and Victor Shih (UC San Diego) for a discussion of the future of East Asian commerce and business relations.

Softbank, NTT, KDDI: Japan's Telecom/IT Companies in the DX
Dec. 1, 2020 | Register
Japan’s telecommunication companies and leading IT companies are gearing up to compete in the digital transformation. While the media spotlight is often on Softbank, there is much more going on in Japan in this area than we typically hear about. And in spite of the global scrutiny, few fully understand what Softbank is up to in terms of its long-term strategic vision. Marc Epstein is a preeminent industry analyst of Japan’s IT sector and will lay out the strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies to compete in the DX, by Japan’s leading IT players.

Immigration Policies in Japan
Dec. 8, 2020 | Register
While immigration to Japan has grown steadily in recent years, Japan is still characterized by a restrictive immigration policies and a political discourse that rejects immigration. Meanwhile, on the ground immigration is definitely happened, as more and more immigrants claim Japan as their home. Join Gracia Liu-Farrer, author of “Immigrant Japan: Mobility and Belonging in and Ethno-nationalist Society”, and Michael Strausz, author of “Help (Not) Wanted: Immigration Politics in Japan”, for a discussion of the political and social forces that shape immigration in Japan, immigrants’ rights and roles in society, and an assessment of Japanese immigration in comparative perspective.