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The Japan Zoominar @ UC San Diego brings together new insights, knowledge and opinions on current events in Japan. Experts from around the globe are invited as speakers and contributors, with the goal to create a vibrant exchange and deepen our understanding of Japan’s role in the world.

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Immigration in East Asia: How Grassroots Efforts Lead to Integration
Jan. 19, 2021 | Register
Until the early 2000s, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan all had restrictive immigration policies and effective social exclusion of immigrants. But since then, their paths have diverged. Whereas Taiwan has remained restrictive, Japan took incremental steps to expand immigrant services at the grassroots level, and South Korea enacted sweeping immigration reforms. What explains these divergent patterns of immigrant incorporation? A deep analysis of the role of civil society actors, including immigrants themselves, reveals how immigrant interests and actors shape public policy. Our conversation will explain the data base and discuss what these different paths mean for the three societies and economies. (Cosponsored by the Korea-Pacific Program.)

An Insider’s Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Art
Jan. 26, 2021 | Register
Over the past few years, the highest-priced living female artist in the world has been 91 year-old Yayoi Kusuma, known for her polka-dotted pumpkins. Meanwhile, since the early aughts the so-called “Japanese Andy Warhol”, Takashi Murakami, has built a global brand and factory around his famous motifs. And yet, Japanese artists are not usually prominent in Museums of Contemporary Art. What explains the seeming contradiction between the small footprint and the huge impact? How does nationality or heritage play into the global successes of these artists? Enjoy a tour through the latest expressions of Japanese art with AJ Kiyoizumi who builds art collections and collectors globally.