Advanced Open Innovation Management Program (AIM)


AIM is a two-week, full immersion program to enable Japanese managers to initiate and manage global and open innovation assignments. Participants will acquire new leadership skills and management insights to manage open innovation effectively and globally.

Core characteristics and program components include:

  • Leadership skill development: exercises and executive coaching sessions
  • Innovation networking: immersion and participation in San Diego’s “IoT open innovation ecosystem”
    • projects and meetings with local entrepreneurs and startup businesses
    • participation in pitch event and networking meetings
  • Fast track learning: individualized and tailored schedule for each participant
  • Project management skills: How to run a global research project
  • Business soft skill training: How to be an effective global manager
    • presentations and speeches
    • video conference management
    • diversity team management
  • Global HR management skills: how to manage a global workforce in different countries
  • Innovation management: how to integrate open innovation ideas into the main company