Global Talent Program

In partnership with GPS’s Global Leadership Institute (GLI), JFIT recognizes the need for individuals and organizations to obtain specialized knowledge to enhance their capacity to succeed. Through short-term executive education programs, JFIT and GLI are uniquely positioned to provide a tailored educational experience for program participants.

The GT (Global Talent) Program is a short-term global management training program for young male and female professionals on a fast career track. It is becoming more and more difficult for professionals to attend full-fledged MBA programs in the U.S., and companies are less inclined to fund such long training program.

For young professional in need of highly focused, short-term, individualized global immersion training, JFIT offers a three-months intensive program.

The goal is to young professionals to increase their global management acumen and experience a “positive culture shock” through exposure to the San Diego work environment.

Core components:

  • Individualized exercise and class schedule
  • Skill exercises geared toward global management
  • Corporate visits and introduction to San Diego’s innovation ecosystem
  • Exposure to policy and management discourse on innovation and leadership
  • Selection of masters-level classes to increase skill specialization

Learning goals include:

  • How to work effectively in English (presentation, conversation, etc.)
  • How to manage in a global setting
  • How to negotiate
  • How to master selected MBA skills (take courses in accounting, strategy, business modeling, quantitative methods, excel, etc.)