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The Josei/Women for Upper Management Program (JUMP) is a short-term global management training program for Japanese women in managerial positions. The duration is eight weeks or four modules, two weeks each for busy senior executives.

The goal is to help female managers to enhance their global management skills, grow as professionals by being paired with a personal coach and a woman mentor in the U.S., and build a global network of women executives.

Core components:

  • Individualized exercise schedule for each candidate, tailored to individual needs
  • Skill exercises geared toward global management
  • Work assignments with a U.S. female mentor
  • Personal coaching to enhance management and leadership skills
  • Introductions to the San Diego network of female professionals
  • Inclusion in a Global Professional Women Network

Learning goals include:

  • How to be effective as a woman in a male work setting
  • How to conduct global teleconferencing meetings
  • How to negotiate as a woman
  • How to be compelling as an outside board member
  • How to be a professional in global social gatherings
  • How to juggle work-life balance demands


2016 will be a critical year for the role of women in Japan. Even though Japan’s government launched women work participation policies as early as in 2003, it was only with “Abenomics” that these goals were made concrete by stipulating a lofty quota goal of 30 percent women in managerial positions by 2020. However, on Dec. 25, 2015, these goals were significantly revised downwards to 7 percent for the national government, and 15 percent for local governments and the private sector. Small as they may seem, these numbers still reflect a 100 percent and 60 percent increase, respectively, over current levels.

Many people in Japan have commented that “Abenomics” is Japan’s last chance. If this program fails, Japan will never change. True or not in this extreme version, in regard to women issues it is imperative that hands-on, applied programs are launched as soon as possible to prevent a further postponement of policies and measures that enable women to participate powerfully in the workforce.

What is unique about JUMP?

Many important initiatives concerned with women issues have been launched in Japan, ranging from a variety of “Womenomics” discussion groups, to government policy councils and media roundtables. These groups are having an important impact through data provision and public opinion formation. In addition, there are now numerous professional women organizations within Japan, such as J-WIN, which organizes discussion groups, regular meetings and critically important networking opportunities.

JUMP is different from these existing initiatives in two ways. First, we offer a customized, hands-on training program, with content relevant to push professional women to the next level, both in terms of promotion and self-confidence. In addition, we help build a global network for Japanese female managers, which will broaden the circle of women to lean on, highlight that some of Japan’s challenges are universal, and suggest some possible ways to address them.

As we connect our U.S. professional women network to the various Japanese networks, we build the basis for interaction between future business leaders between the two countries. We will host annual meetings to sustain these ties over the long run. As globalization proceeds, this offers professional women in the U.S. and Japan new opportunities for collaboration, new career options, and joint growth and success, not just in business but in politics and academia as well.