San Diego-Japan Newsflash

This e-newsletter is designed to keep you informed on news related to the U.S. and Japan in the areas of the management of science and technology, innovation, and business and policy strategy.

Feb. 16, 2018
Main topics include: Ignite: UCSD's 2-Day Innovation Conference; New Drug Could Kick the Flu in a Day; Takeover Threaten's SD's "Flag”; and UCSD Innovator Recognized for Contributions to High Density Hard Drives.

Feb. 2, 2018
Main topics include: Fujifilm to Acquire Xerox in $6.1 Billion Deal; No. of Foreign Workers in Japan Hits New High; Japan's LINE to Open E-Currency Exchange; and UCSD Opens New Aerodrome for Drones.

Jan. 19, 2018
Main topics include: SD Venture Funding Tops $1.9B in 2017; Japanese VC Investments Up 27x in 5 Years; New Ceramic Could Revolutionize Transportation Industry; and Tokyo Plans for EV Charging Station Subsidy.

Jan. 5, 2018
Main topics include: 2018: The End for Japanese Deflation?; Docomo to Offer Free SIM Cards to Foreign Visitors; Dealmaking at "$1 Billion per Minute”; and Bon Appétit: 50 New San Diego Restaurants to Try in 2018.

2017 Archive

Dec. 22, 2017
Main topics include: "Kita" Assigned Kanji of the Year; Japan Seeks to Lure Foreign Talent with Startup Visas; San Diego's Crown Bio Acquired by JSR; and Tokyo Lawson's to Automate Checkout.

Dec. 1 (read here)
Main topics include: JUMP: Helping One Woman at a Time; Rakuten Invests Big in SD Cancer Startup; Tokyo Puts More Michelin Stars on its Map; and Closing Theme Park Goes Viral.

Nov. 9 (read here)
Main topics include: Qualcomm-Broadcom Merger May Be Largest Ever; UCSD Preps for Carbon Neutrality by 2025; Sony to Sell New Breed of Electronic Dog; and UCSD Driving Smart Car Research.

Oct. 27 (read here)
Main topics include: JFIT Welcomes 1st AIM Program Participant; Cyber Genius Awarded for Talents; San Diego 4th Best for Startups; and Glimpse of the Future at Tokyo Motor Show.

Oct. 13 (read here)
Main topics include: UCSD Alum Awarded for Stretchable Battery; Japan Launches High-Precision GPS Satellite; Japanese Firms Pan for Modern Day Gold; and Bot Battle Scheduled for Next Week.

Sept. 29 (read here)
Main topics include: 2020: Japanese Banks Consider Minting E-Currency; 
San Diego Beer: Best in the US?; and A Guide to Japan's Snap Election.

Sept. 14 (read here)
Main topics include: Stem Cells - "Made in Japan”; Back to School '17: UCSD Gets Good Grades; and Japan Struggles to Kick Habit Before 2020 Games.

Aug. 25 (read here)
Main topics include: 2011 GPS Fellow Taro Kono apptd. Foreign Minister of Japan; Samsung partners with Takeda Drug R&D; Housing crisis for foreign workers in Japan; and UC San Diego hits $1.16B research record.

Aug. 10 (read here)
Main topics include: UC San Diego's DT "Innovation" Housing; Japan Display Inc.'s OLED Woes; Nidec to sell factory automation systems; and Monozukuri: The world's best fidget spinner.

July 20 (read here)
Main topics include: GPS Students Take Japan; SD Ranked Top Booming Start-up City; 
WeWork launches Japan Co-Working; and Japanese Seaweed: Invasive but Welcomed.

July 5 (read here)
Main topics include: SD Company gets first local AV permit; SD is #1 in Nation for Craft Breweries; Japan is latest to enter Asian space race; and Japan Eliminates Bitcoin Consumption Tax.

June 13 (read here)
Main topics include: SD #4 in National Biopharma Ranking; SoftBank buys Alphabet's Boston Dynamics; Move over Tokyo's Lowrider time; and Japan building world's fastest Supercomp.

June 6 (read here)
Main topics include: Over 29K Jobs Added in SD this Year; Local Biotech receives $3M for CF Research; MUFG to help bring Plug and Play to Japan; and First F-35 Manufactured in Japan Unveiled.

May 30 (read here)
Main topics include: China Closes in on SD Biotech Firms; SD is #8 in U.S. Clean Power Production; TPP Negotiators to Meet in Japan in July; and Amazon Nixes Pricing Clause for Vendors.

May 23 (read here)
Main topics include: SD Startup Aira raises $12 mn Series B; Japanese Firms discuss IoT Data Exchange; Toyota, MUFG join Blockchain alliance; Kickstarter Launches in Japan.

May 16 (read here)
Main topics include: Local Genome Startup Raises $22 mn; EY Announces SD Entrepreneurship Awards; Fujitsu to release emotion-sensing Robot; and A Robot to Curb Elderly Driver Accidents.

May 9 (read here)
Main topics include: SD Welcomes non-stop Frankfurt flight; Triton Entrepreneur Night: Event Wrap-Up; Sony's Planned Re-Launch of OLED TVs; and Nissan launches Pickup Production in China.

May 2 (read here)
Main topics include: JUMP: Inspiring One to the Next; Kyoto Prize Laureates in SD Last Month; Bitcoin Spike Stemming from Japan; and Labor Shortage spurs increase in FT Hires.

April 25 (read here)
Main topics include: San Diego Biotech Sector at the Forefront; A Physician-centered Wearable Device; OLED iPhone to change game for Japan suppliers; and Japan Post could report $364M Net Loss.

April 18 (read here)
Main topics include: SD Company Develops Smartphone Blood Sugar Monitor; Japanese Pilot wins SD Red Bull Air Race; 7/11 & Others to Introduce Self-Checkout; and Japan Farmers turn to Biogas Production.

April 11 (read here)
Main topics include: San Diego Claims #1 Spot for Solar; UCSD's public-private research vision; An Update on Japan's Startup Environment; and Son vs. Bezos: E-Commerce Race in India.

April 4 (read here)
Main topics include: Local School offers free Software builds; 900,000 Graduates started work Monday; METI to address Big Data in new guidelines; and Rakuten launches 'free' gaming platform.

March 21 (read here)
Main topics include: UC San Diego: Let there be Sight; Toshiba Memory Bidding War Intensifies; UNIQLO takes internship program on a drive; and The History behind SD's Cherry Blossoms.

March 14 (read here)
Main topics include: SD Amongst 'Happiest' Places to Live in U.S.; Will Toshiba be Delisted?; Japan's Ibiden to be Apple's First 100% Clean-Energy Manufacturer; and San Diego & Yokohama: Life Science Sisters.

March 7 (read here)
Main topics include: Startups Moving to SD - and they Love it; UC San Diego Champion for Upward Mobility; BOJ Study: Cash Dependent Japan; and Honda's Minicar No.1 for 3 months straight.

Feb. 28 (read here)
Main topics include: San Diego: 1st large-scale IoT "Smart" City; UC San Diego helped with NASA Discovery; Panasonic Seizes Solar Opportunity; and Working Women & Wine Consumption: A Positive Correlation in Japan. 

Feb. 21 (read here)
Main topics include: The Science of DNA Origami @ UC San Diego; SoftBank to buy Fortress Investment Group; Japan Manufacturing Increasing Activity; and NY Times thinks SD is a Vacation Paradise. 

Feb. 14 (read here)
Main topics include: Innovation the Airport??; SD Tech Wages better than SV, says Study; Flexible Screens in Your Home Next Year; and Japan's Big Push for the Hydrogen Auto. 

Feb. 7 (read here)
Main topics include: Qualcomm & TDK's Joint Venture; Trending in Japan: Solar & Renewables; Samsung looks to Murata for Batteries; and Kakehashi: A Student's Take on Japan. 

Jan. 31 (read here)
Main topics include: JFIT Special Spotlight: Yoriko Kawaguchi; Kakehashi: Building a U.S.-Japan Bridge; Toshiba to Exit Nuclear Plant Business; and Salk Institute: Fountain of Endless Youth? 

Jan. 24 (read here)
Main topics include: TUC San Diego Leads Rare Cancer Study; Tokyo: First in Global Women's Marches; Sharp Invests $570M in OLED Production; and Latest Labor Reform Proposals.

Jan. 17 (read here)
Main topics include: Takeda invests in SD Biotechs; the Japan labor ministry pushes 'Premium Friday' campaign; the Pentagon targets Japanese companies for new technology; and Toyota Takes the AI & Robotics plunge.

Jan. 9 (read here)
Main topics include: New Ambassador to Japan William Hagerty; the Legendary Japanese Turntable; CyberTECH, San Diego's Unique Tech Incubator; and California's Cannabis Culture.

Jan. 2 (read here)
Main topics include: Nikkei's Highest Close in 20 Years; Kanji of The Year - Gold (金); San Diego Recognized for Tech Jobs; and What to Watch in 2017.

2016 Archive

Dec. 26 (read here)
Main topics include: New Tie Ups in Self-Driving Cars; Qualcomm's New 5G Tech; Casinos Legal in Japan; and Super Mario Run Sets Download Record.

Dec. 19 (read here)
Main topics include: More Start-Up Money in Japan; San Diego Veteran Start-Ups; Bay Area Firms Heading to San Diego; and Shigetaka Kurita: Father of the Emoji.

Dec. 12 (read here)
Main topics include: Softbank's $50 Billiion Move; Hydrogen Innovation in San Diego; Stronger Dollar - Weaker Yen; and Who wouldn't want this puppy?

Dec. 5 (read here)
Main topics include: JUMP: Helping One Woman at a Time; ANA: Latest Space Tourism Competitor; Japan Inc. and S.V. Innovation Tourism; and A Miyazaki Successor in the Making?

Nov. 28 (read here)
Main topics include: The Fukushima Disaster's Snowballing Costs; Veggie Delivery Services on the Uptrend; Domino's Japan Tests Reindeer Delivery; and San Diego: The Life Sience VC Magnet.

Nov. 21 (read here)
Main topics include: The Autonomous Driving Race Tightens; Hitachi Reveals Lensless Camera; Japan's 2016 Top Buzzword Candidates; and Japan's Untapped Economic Potential.

Nov. 14 (read here)
Main topics include: Rakuten's Growing Finance Business; Dentsu Offices Raided by Ministry Officials; Why Honda chose Tokyo over Silicon Valley; and Fujitsu may merge with Lenovo PC Unit.

Nov. 7 (read here)
Main topics include: Dr. Kohara talk on Sino-Japanese Relations; Silicon Valley Accelerator Calls SD Home; MGM Resorts Sets Sights on Japan; and The Japanese Entrepreneurship Gap.