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JFIT’s “3i Corporate Membership Program” offers access to San Diego’s open innovation ecosystem. Over the past two decades, San Diego county has developed a new, fast-growing innovation hotbed centered around IOT/IT technologies, a life sciences and biotech cluster, UC San Diego excellence in “Industry 4.0” production technologies, cybersecurity, robotics and AI, a defense-industry cluster, and an energy/clean-tech cluster. 3i members can access these clusters through JFIT.

By offering access to San Diego’s fast-growing market for open innovation and cutting-edge technologies, participation in 3i can afford members new potential avenues for business development and open innovation in the U.S. 


  • Get access to real-time information on San Diego startup companies
  • Receive a newsletter (in Japanese) that showcases up-and-coming technologies and startup activities and new technology trends in Southern California


  • Learn about ongoing developments, research and innovation streams, and regulation, taxation and global business
  • Hear the latest news about San Diego’s innovation ecosystem first
  • Get updates on UC San Diego research
  • Receive calendar alerts on networking and innovation and pitch events


  • Get introductions to company executives, investors, policy experts, academics and local talent including students, post-doctoral scholars and entrepreneurs
  • Be invited to San Diego-based startup pitch events, conferences on innovation and entrepreneurship, and networking events such as the “JFIT OI Forum”, an open innovation networking event with invited, member-targeted startup pitches
In addition, 3i members receive access to:
  • UC San Diego technology incubators
  • UC San Diego Career Services Center for recruitment of global talent
  • Faculty and ongoing research project updates (e.g., IoT, energy, clean tech, life sciences), including in theSchool of Global Policy and Strategy; Jacobs School of Engineering (incl. Bioengineering, Cyber-Security, Robotics, AI, IoT, IT, Nano-Engineering, Material Science, Production Technologies); Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Rady School of Management; Health Sciences; and Social Sciences

Collaborators and Members

  • Bridgestone Cycling
  • Denso
  • Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI), Japan
  • Kobe University, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Japan
  • LINK-J
  • Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future
  • NEDO, New Energy Development Organization, Japan
  • San Diego Japanese Business Association
  • University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Public Policy, Japan
  • University of Tokyo, Policy Alternatives Research Institute, Japan